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A customer experience as smooth as silk

Stop dealing with clunky product customization plug-ins. Artifi Labs seamlessly integrates into any store and takes on the look and feel of a brand. No more customer confusion when the “customize” button directs them to a plain text site.


You have the wand to make the magic happen

Put your wizard hat on and close the office door. Artifi Labs gives users full back-end access to create rules, build templates, and control product inventory. Now when you decide to inventory skinny jeans, you’re not waiting 6 months for Gary from IT to upload customization capabilities.

Hot fashion tip: Don’t wear a wizard hat with skinny jeans, unless you want to look like a human arrow.

Live action customization of a cell phone case Customizing a cell phone case with a new color using Artifi
Scalable Platform

Scalable Platform

Change global rules for multiple products at once. Add more products. Replace images. Remove a storefront. No matter how large your company or inventory grows, Artifi Labs keeps up with your ecommerce platform.

Color Rendering

Color Rendering

Users can view color changes on screen as they're being made. Artifi uses advanced color rendering to let customers preview and review product designs in multiple colors before purchasing. 

Production-Ready Output

Production-Ready Output

Access the file output needed to produce customized products. After the “Submit Order” button is clicked, Artifi Labs sends over production-ready files, product spec sheets, and an XML string of product data. Don’t spend resources on customer service, spend it on customer experiences.

Don't see a feature? Don't worry.

Artifi Labs provides users with a full scope of features to create a one-of-a-kind buying experience.

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