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That “perfect, one-of-a-kind” experience

Customers spend so much time creating their ideal product—they want want to see their design come to life. Artifi's visual configurator allows customers to preview and revise every product they design, creating a truly interactive shopping experience. 


Sharing is more than caring, it’s marketing

Artifi lets you build brand recognition and presence by allowing customers to share their designs over social media. Now when Jenna designs heels, she can get her BFF Tina’s opinion through a Twitter poll and tag her parents in a facebook status hinting about her next birthday gift. Come March 21st, Jenna gets her heels and you get organic promotion.

Live action customization of a cell phone case Customizing a cell phone case with a new color using Artifi
Multiple Templates

Multiple Templates

Create multiple templates, giving each product page a different look and feel. Using the admin dashboard, you can set up different rules and specs to quickly upload new inventory across categories while making each page unique.

Custom User Interface

Custom User Interface

Customize layouts for your site by uploading and managing CSS. With a consistent design across your site, customers experience a seamless journey from product selection to purchase.

Embroidery Capability

Embroidery Capability

Users can view hand-crafted stitching on screen. Straight from the needle, customers can add any text and preview how their stitched design will look post-production.

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