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5 Ways to Maximize ROI with Artifi Upgrades

Merchants – whether competing in the personalized promotional products space or as an established brand looking to increase shopper engagement – need to offer a best-in-class product personalization experience. Drive more conversions by maximizing Artifi’s product customization software capabilities. Use the links below to explore five ways merchants can upgrade Artifi to increase revenue.

  1. Modernize the User Interface
  2. Add 3D and 360 Rendering Capabilities
  3. Add Embroidery Capabilities and More
  4. Cross-Sell with Shop by Logo
  5. Update Mobile Experiences

1.  Modernize the User Interface

Traditional product customization experiences often use a pop-up iframe to complete the process. This approach could require more steps for the shopper, which creates friction. While this may be the right choice for ultra-complex customization, merchants should always consider the user experience and whether the iframe adds or supports complexity for the product and customization options. If the product customization process is too complicated, shoppers may lose patience and move on to a competitor’s web store.

The alternative is In-Line Product Customization, where all customization options are available within the ecommerce product detail page (PDP). This modern approach keeps shoppers on the product page during the entire customization process. Streamlining the shopping experience increases conversions. Artifi offers In-Line Product Customization through headless widgets that call APIs. This technically contemporary offering aligns with today’s best practices and user expectations to streamline the personalization experience and drive conversions.

2.  Add 3D and 360 Rendering Capabilities

Merchants offering 2D product renderings can enhance the user experience by adding 3D and 360-degree renderings. The three types of product renderings and associated benefits include:

  • 2D renderings showcase a design on a flat product surface or color swatch without showing depth.
  • 3D product renderings showcase customization on multiple images, displaying the product from various angles. 3D rendering provides more context for the size and shape of the product. Multiple 3D angles help shoppers visualize the customization, especially if printing or other customization is available on multiple sides. 
  • 360-degree rendering offers the ultimate product customization experience. Artifi’s 360-degree real-time rendering engine allows shoppers to see exactly what the customized product looks like from every angle. As elements like images, colors, and text are added or altered, shoppers can shift the perspective of the 3D object to see every surface in one continuous 360-degree view. This provides more realistic visualization and a user-friendly interface, empowering shoppers to bring high-quality custom products to life.

3.  Add Embroidery Capabilities and More

To create seamless product customization experiences, Artifi supports multiple decoration methods in real-time product renderings. When a shopper uploads a logo for embroidery, laser etching, or any other decoration method, Artifi renders the logo in that style and provides a virtual proof. 

Artifi also enables real-time pricing, even for complex customization. When a logo is uploaded for embroidery, Artifi generates embroidery metadata using auto-digitization, which creates helpful data points, like estimated stitch count, required thread colors, and logo size for an ecommerce platform to display pricing in real-time.

4.  Cross-Sell with Shop by Logo

Drive more revenue via cross-selling and up-selling with Shop by Logo. With Artifi, shoppers logged into an account can access a library of pre-approved logos, making it easy to find the right logo every time. The Shop by Logo feature drives seamless cross-selling by showing the shopper’s uploaded logo across multiple products. This is particularly useful in B2B applications to boost efficiency and ensure brand standards are being met.

5.  Update Mobile Experiences

Merchants that only offer product customization experiences on desktop experiences are missing out on the increasing use of mobile devices, even in B2B ecommerce. Artifi makes product customization easy for mobile users to quickly and easily drive conversions.

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