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Enable Cross Selling with Shop by Design

Make Shopping Simpler

When B2B shoppers visit a website, they usually have specific products in mind that they need to purchase in order to support their job responsibilities. While these shoppers have pre-defined needs from the business, there is still room for cross-selling through strategic, simplified selling experiences, like Artifi’s Shop by Design. 

Artifi’s Shop by Design enables cross-sell opportunities by seamlessly showing shoppers a pre-loaded company logo on a variety of products while shopping and checking out online. The result is a better experience for shoppers, which naturally leads to increased average order value.

Shop by Design with Artifi

Adding a company logo is easy.

Once a logo is uploaded, shoppers can see the logo applied to multiple items without uploading it separately for each item. This visual experience paves the way for easier cross-selling of products that B2B shoppers may not have already considered prior to visiting the site.

Two Easy Ways to Shop by Design
  1. Cart: When shoppers check out in the shopping cart, they will automatically see additional options displayed with their company’s logo. This not only drives awareness of additional products, but also offers an appealing visual experience that is personalized to the individual shopper.

    Here’s an example of how these product recommendations appear during checkout.

  2. Store Environment: Shoppers can also see preloaded logos when browsing products on the storefront. Once a logo is uploaded, the logo will appear on compatible products.

    By eliminating the need to re-upload a company logo for each product, the Shop by Design feature reduces friction in the buying journey and helps increase shopping cart and average order value.
Automate Cross-Selling

Historically, businesses would need a salesperson to initiate a cross-sell opportunity. With labor shortages and an increasing number of shoppers who want to limit their interaction with a salesperson, companies have to find creative ways to support a variety of buyer preferences. 

A whopping 44% of millennial shoppers prefer not to interact with a salesperson when placing an order. Now businesses don’t need a salesperson to initiate a cross-sell, which not only improves the bottom line, but also caters to trends in shopper preferences.

Especially for companies in the promotional products and uniform categories, Shop by Design by Artifi is an easy way to leverage personalized branding to engage shoppers with elevated ecommerce experiences that keep them in the buying journey and maximize each order.

To learn more about Artifi’s Shop by Design feature, request a demo today.

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