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Product Customization Trends Featured at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018

Outdoor Retailer University Winter 2018, online product customization trends

Tom Flierl, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Amla Commerce, recently spoke at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market about product customization. Outdoor Retailer is the largest trade show for outdoor brands, retailers, and suppliers. Flierl presented Innovation Trend: Online Product Customization.

Q: What data suggests that manufacturers and retailers should invest in product customization?

A: Data from third-party research was shared in the presentation and it all suggests that consumers want to customize their products and are willing to pay a premium for custom products. This is particularly true with millennials and younger generations.

Q: What are some of the operational benefits of product customization?

A: Product obsolescence and reduced inventory may be the biggest benefits. Another major operational benefit is the reduction of returned items.

Q: How does product customization play into a world dominated by Amazon?

A: In a world where brands matter less and product is quickly becoming commoditized, product customization is a way to create sticky and unique e-commerce experiences.

Q: What advice do you have for a brand or retailer regarding product customization?

A: Be prepared. Have a clear plan that includes assets, product information, number of products and product variants defined. Start with the end in mind.

Download a PDF presentation on the innovation trend of online product customization by filling out the form in the right sidebar.

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