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Save and Capture Designs with Artifi Labs

Artifi Labs gives shoppers the option to save their designs of customized products and the option to compare designs through the capture and snapshot features. By allowing shoppers to save their custom designs, Artifi lets shoppers retain their designs even if they step away or leave the product page, increasing the likelihood they will complete the design and purchase the customized product. The option to compare designs through the capture and snapshot features provides shoppers a convenient and visualized way to choose which design of their customized product they want to purchase, rather than having to recreate or guess what a previous design looked like.

Save Design

If a shopper has a user account for the store carrying the product they are customizing, shoppers can use the Save Design feature to keep the design they are working on in their user account. This way if the shopper is unable to finish their design after initially starting, they can easily continue customizing the product when they return to the product page and log into their user account, or reuse it for future orders.

Compare and Snapshot

Shoppers are also able to save versions of their designs so they can compare which custom design they prefer. By using the Capture feature, shoppers are able to capture an image of their design and then access it using the Snapshot feature. Snapshot allows shoppers to store previous versions of a design while they work on a new design. By clicking on the snapshot, shoppers can then compare the past version of the design with the current design they are working on. If the shopper wants to use the past design, the designer automatically loads the elements of the design on the selected snapshot, allowing customers to continue customizing further if they choose.

Using Artifi's Snapshot feature to compare napkin designs on

Save and capture design are just some of the many ways that Artifi allows shoppers to use and access designs. Shoppers can also:

-Save multiple designs
-Preview multiple image placements at once
-Create a personal design folder to save drafts of designs
-Email designs
-Submit designs for approval to stakeholders
-Organize their designs within folders

Download a PDF of the full Artifi features list by filling out the form in the right sidebar.

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