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Artifi in Action: Explore 3 B2B Ecommerce Customer Success Stories

Meeting the needs of B2B ecommerce business models adds challenges to creating a seamless experience for customizable products. The Artifi team explored the valuable role that the product customization software plays in enhancing B2B ecommerce at Grow! 2023 – an annual customer event hosted by Znode, the B2B ecommerce platform. The presentation not only highlighted Artifi’s product customization capabilities but also underscored its real-world impact through compelling customer stories. 

Learn more about how Artifi easily integrates with the complex demands of B2B transactions, enables channel opportunities, and offers a highly customizable and scalable solution. Here is a breakdown of the in-depth presentation. Quickly jump to the relevant sections below.

The Benefits of Artifi

Artifi not only delivers an industry-leading product customization experience, it also gives merchants administration tools including product setup, templates, rule creation, and more. This makes Artifi a scalable solution that empowers teams to tackle product management, iterate on the user experience, and keep pace with changing business demands. 

Artifi is platform agnostic and can integrate with any ecommerce platform, back-end systems, or custom solutions. 

Dive into customer stories that leverage these benefits and more.

The Central Group’s CentralPac Success Story: Custom Packaging Simplified

CentralPac is a division of The Central Group – a Canadian manufacturer of retail packaging, displays, and fixtures. The division’s objective is to provide direct web-to-print packaging and display solutions for small- to mid-market brands.

  • Provide thousands of customizable packaging and display solutions with simple online checkout, low minimum order quantities, quick turnaround times, and instant quotes.
  • Implement a new ecommerce platform to support a complex product customization offering. 
  • Make complex product customization easy for an audience unaccustomed to self-serve.
  • Empower internal teams to self-manage the product information and user experience.

Artifi’s 360-degree real-time rendering generator lets buyers see exactly what the customized product looks like from every angle. The user-friendly product designer interface empowers shoppers to customize products in an ecommerce experience without needing professional designers or a manual process. Additionally, the time-consuming task of manual data entry was eliminated by Artifi’s data feed, which allows The Central Group to mass upload complex product information and assets.

The Central Group chose Znode’s headless, API-first architecture to power the ecommerce experience. The combination of Artifi and Znode allows The Central Group to manage and maintain product customization and product data more easily than ever.

Read the full success story, and see more details in the presentation below.

Municipal Emergency Services (MES Fire) Success Story: Maximizing Sales Enablement

MES Fire is the largest distributor of firefighting and emergency response equipment to fire departments and first responders in the US.

  • Standardize and simplify the process of adding customization to apparel (e.g., logos, names, etc.) for a vast spectrum of fire departments across various municipalities, geographical locations, and jurisdictions.
  • Eliminate the manual workflow for order processing, including creating and iterating virtual proofs of products.
  • Enable sales with an easy-to-use uniform design tool. 
  • Connect product customization directly to its NetSuite ERP.
  • Lay the groundwork for a future customer-facing ecommerce experience that offers self-serve product customization capabilities.

Artifi empowers salespeople to manage the sales process from start to finish with self-serve tools. The user-friendly interface allows sales to create and save designs, and then generate a PDF document of the virtual proof to share with buyers – all without a graphic designer’s help. 

Enhanced features include multiple decoration locations and methods, a convenient logo library, and the ability to recolor uploaded logos on the fly. Additionally, Artifi’s templates facilitate streamlined customization capabilities by quickly applying colorization, product options, and other data sets to other products. Now, MES Fire has a scalable product customization experience ready for its future customer-facing ecommerce storefronts. 

Get more details in the video below.

Spoke Custom Success Story: Increasing Speed to Market

Spoke Custom, a division of PCNA, is a leading print-on-demand business with a wide assortment of high-quality, customizable products that help businesses foster brand loyalty. Specializing in end-to-end solutions, Spoke Custom enables merchants to set up branded storefronts with specified product assortments and personalization capabilities. 

  • Scale faster by eliminating the manual process of creating and launching new customer storefronts, including defining new product catalogs and creating new product images for each new store. 
  • Centralize product data into one master catalog; fuel multiple catalogs from one source.
  • Enhance the user experience with dynamic product personalization renderings.

Spoke Custom created an enhanced shopping experience powered by Artifi’s product customization capabilities and Znode’s headless B2B ecommerce platform. Artifi’s dynamic renderings showcase real-time product customization so shoppers can easily change logo colors, add text, and visualize the result.

Additionally, Znode’s multi-store and multi-catalog capabilities allow new storefronts to be launched with account-specific catalogs displayed upon log-in. The scalable combination of Artifi and Znode saves time for internal teams and provides an elevated product customization experience designed to increase conversions.

Get more details in the video below.

Artifi’s robust capabilities drive channel growth opportunities for both B2C and B2B business models. Seeing is believing. Watch the full presentation video, and request a demo today.

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