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$500.00- billed monthly
$5,700.00- billed annually
  • 9,000 Designs (Annually)
  • 90,000 API Calls (Annually)
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 1 Domain/Sub-domain
  • Unlimited Products/Styles
  • Unlimited Artifi Users
No Transaction Fee
$750.00- billed monthly
$8550.00- billed annually
  • 14,000 Designs (Annually)
  • 140,000 API Calls (Annually)
  • 25 GB Storage
  • 1 Domain/Sub-domain
  • Unlimited Products/Styles
  • Unlimited Artifi Users
No Transaction Fee
$1,000.00- billed monthly
$11,400.00- billed annually
  • 20,000 Designs (Annually)
  • 200,000 API Calls (Annually)
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 1 Domain/Sub-domain
  • Unlimited Products/Styles
  • Unlimited Artifi Users
No Transaction Fee

All Artifi plans are loaded with the following features:

No Transaction Fees

No additional transaction fees are applicable on top of the base Artifi license fees.

Best-In-Class Support

24/7 access to Artifi support, an extensive knowledge base, ongoing product updates, and a 99.8% uptime guarantee.

Smooth Onboarding

Every plan includes 90 minutes of hands-on product training and 90 minutes of expert consulting to discuss business needs.

Self Administration

Unlimited user access to a feature-rich administration tool to create, configure and manage products, templates, rules, deco methods, and deco locations, all using a WYSIWYG editor.

Multiple User Experience

Based on the required product customization experience, pick the user experience for your business's website setup. Administrators have access to mobile responsive PDP widgets for Text and Logo for simple configuration and iFrame-based feature-rich designer.

Design Editor Tool

iFrame-based editor tool supports many features, including text, art (logos and images), clipart library, multiple views/locations, group views/locations, design start over, zoom-in and -out, color detection, cropping, layering, move and scale, rotate, name and number list, integration with Google Analytics, order notes, and more.

Template Management

Use the WYSIWYG editor to create simple to complex templates with multiple locations. Combine locations as a group to present as one. Set rules to create open, close, and mix canvas templates.

Image Management

Create rules to manage, remove the white background, or remove all white of images. Manage imprint colors by detecting colors in uploaded art and convert to a single color. Create other rules to support deco methods like laser and engraving.

Text Widget Support

Self-administer with rules, which can be specific for a product, for a text widget, including; fonts, size/auto-font size, color, text input validation using regex, character limit, and text formatting.

Image Widget Support

Self-administer with rules, which can be specific to a product, for an image widget, including; pre-approved logos and logo category, user-uploaded photos, image validation, file size, DPI check, dimension, and type/extension.

2D Color Rendering

Products often have multiple color combinations, and merchandisers may not have static images for each color combo. Use Artifi's 2D color engine to configure the layers of the product to create all possible combinations using one base image.

Real-Time Pricing

Artifi integrates with ecommerce platforms via APIs, which allow administrators to set up complex pricing rules that are reflected in real-time based on shopper selections.

Order and Design Access

Artifi makes viewing and managing new and existing orders easy by providing access to the following order details; items by SKU/variant, items by product, checked-out items, history of design drafts, and the ability to edit designs.

Design Output Information

Artifi provides the following output information for the merchant to consume at different stages:

  • Virtual proof; HTML, PDF, and Thumbnail Image
  • Print proof - Output PDF (one page per location) and design metadata
  • Shopping Cart: JSON and XML
The following features are not included in the standard plans but can be added. Please contact [email protected] to learn how.

Embroidery Rendering - Artifi's rendering engine provides actual embroidery visuals for uploaded art or pre-digitized art. Detailed data for the art files, including stitch count, number of colors, thread color, stop-sequence, size, and more, are provided by Artifi's embroidery rendering.

3D Perspective Views and Models - Artifi's rendering engine provides the capability to visualize the 3D perspective view of a product paired with a 2D editor to make updates. For example, a wrap effect on a bottle. 3D perspective views don't move, rotate, or scale.

360-Degree View and Models - Artifi's rendering engine can visualize a product's 360-degree view and model paired with a 2D editor to make updates. A 360-degree model can be zoomed in and rotated to all angles.

Custom Print-Ready Outputs - Need custom output files to simplify operations? Artifi engine supports the creation of any specific type and format of the output file.

Data Feed Services - Already have structured data for all your custom products? Artifi can collaborate to create data feeds to import data and also set up scheduled jobs to refresh product data.

Unique Customization Experiences - Need a specific user experience for your business's product? Artifi can work with your business's team to design a specific experience, either responsive or one specific to desktop and one specific to mobile.

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