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Been there. Customized that.

It all started in the early days of the internet, with a team of developers custom-building an ecommerce product personalization tool. Then a custom-built ecommerce product configuration tool. Then another. And another.

The need and demand for a reusable tool quickly became apparent. With a clear mission, the team set out to develop a product that would deliver flexible and engaging customer experiences, while empowering ecommerce teams to manage large volume customization of products. Applying a dash of belief and some midwestern work ethic, Artifi Labs was born.

Today, Artifi Labs powers ecommerce product customization for some of the largest retailers and brands in North America.

The End-to-End Experience

Artifi Labs provides a complete end-to-end product customization experience, allowing shoppers to begin and complete the product customization journey all in one place. From user-friendly shopping experiences to creating production-ready output files, Artifi makes the product customization journey simple and easy for both shoppers and administrators by solving five common customization problems. 

Shopper Experience

Artifi offers a large variety of intuitive out-of-box interfaces that fit a variety of product types, and has the ability to render custom layouts. Artifi is rendered through an iframe that is styled the same as the host website’s design, meaning the shopper doesn't realize they are leaving the site, creating a seamless experience. These features empower shoppers to design custom products, and experience real-time visualization. 

Dynamic Rendering

No more wondering what a final customized product will look like. Artifi’s dynamic rendering allows the shopper to see personalization in real-time as changes are made. This enables the shopper to try a variety of options before deciding which personalized version is best, thus reducing errors and returns, and creating a great customer experience.

Self-Serve Administration Console

Artifi allows administrators to set up products and manage customization rules all through a robust admin interface. Rather than paying an agency high hourly fees to add new products, control customization rules or apply templates, Artifi empowers administrators to take control of  product customization, and control costs and the experience.


Complete conversions with Artifi. As a SaaS-based, ecommerce platform-agnostic product customizer, Artifi empowers commerce through technology. A wealth of APIs are already built into the platform, allowing product customization and order file integration. 

Output Files

Artifi creates production-ready output files for internal production teams ensuring the shopper receives the exact product they designed and purchased. This convenience saves hours of time, money, resources, and eliminates the worry of order quality and returns during the customization process. 

Amla Commerce

Amla Commerce is the parent brand of both Artifi Labs and Znode. Amla grew out of the belief that ecommerce software should enable growth and improve the health of a company. This belief was born out of more than 20 years of ecommerce consulting experience working across many platforms and customer types, gaining insights into what works and what doesn’t. Amla wants your days to be easier, your evenings more restful, and the fruits of your labor (and investment) tangible. Artifi was built on these same core beliefs.

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