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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Product Customization

Think of it like ordering a pizza. Not everyone wants plain cheese. Most people want to customize their pie's toppings, crust, or size. Ask yourself, would you rather buy a pizza with only 10 options for toppings or 30? What about 50? The same logic can apply to your products. More options = more interest = more conversions.

The idea isn’t that new…

Michael E. Porter famously wrote on competitive advantage in the 1980s. You can either provide a better price or provide some point of difference from your competitors.  Here we’re focusing on the latter – how to differentiate through more product options.

This begs the question: how can my business offer more options? Enter the product customization engine. An online product configurator allows your customers to design or customize your products through your ecommerce site - helping you build and sustain a competitive advantage.

If you already offer product customization, then an efficient tool will help automate your selling process and keep costs down - giving you room to offer a better price over your competitors. Or room for more revenue. Or even both.

Next time you're craving pizza, consider if you'd still place an order at a place that only offered cheese. Offering more than one option - even if it's extra cheese - gives any business an edge over competitors. Options give us choices and more freedom with our purchases. Adding a product configurator like Artifi to your ecommerce site allows you to give customers what they want.

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