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4 Considerations Before Choosing a Product Configurator

Product customization is a creative and functional way to gain a competitive advantage. When product customization is offered, ecommerce conversion rates typically increase 50% or more. Following are four considerations to guide an investment in customization.

1. Budget

Pricing is an important consideration when choosing a product configurator. Product customization can help organizations gain a competitive edge, however, if the budget is not properly assessed, customization can add complexities and technical debt. It is important to budget wisely before investing in product customization.

2. ROI

Assessing ROI is a necessary step in choosing a product configurator. When it comes to product customization, 64% of people ages 18-34 desire customization, 67% of administrators see an increase in traffic and 22-30% see an increase in conversions. With the statistics in favor of customization, be sure to develop expectations for ROI, which can be measured in dollars, or other KPI’s such as time on site or average order values.

3. Scale

How many products will be customized over how many categories? How many sites need to be supported? Is this a key value proposition or a one-off unique experience? Answers these questions will help guide the right platform selection. Need a one time brand experience or a platform that is core to the business.

4. Features

Identify what features are offered on the product configuration software. It is important that the product customization platform offers a plethora of features that allows organizations to show their full potential while driving conversions. Some features to consider when choosing a platform include:

  • Live pricing
  • Social sharing
  • Production-ready output files
  • 3D preview
  • Emboss/deboss
  • Embroidery
  • Product templates
  • And more features

With these four considerations, one can be better equipped to make an informed decision on what product configurator is best for a company, and the benefits product customization holds.

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