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Artifi Labs Production-Ready Output Files

Artifi Labs eliminates manual processed orders, reducing production cost & time.

An output file is data that encompasses the specifications for a customized item through a file extension. A production-ready output file is data ready for the specific production process used to customize an item, such as a print-ready output file of a logo for a t-shirt.

Creating production ready output files and sending them to internal manufacturing teams or the integration API eliminates the need for a production artist to take those files and manually input them into the manufacturing process. Production-ready output files saves hours of time on site, money, resources, and eliminates the worry of losing orders or delaying the customization process. In turn, this means less resources being spent on customer services, and more on the customer experience.

Artifi Labs provides production-ready output files for every customized product order. Once a shopper submits an order, Artifi Labs processes the image and details the product’s custom attributes. Using the self-service admin console, administrators access and export the production-ready output file detailing the product specifications in one of the following formats:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • EPS
  • BMP
  • SVG
  • SVGz
  • .DST

Any image uploaded and used to customize the final product will render at the original resolution.

Administrators have the option to enable an automated workflow to send production-ready files directly to manufacturing or vendors. Additionally, administrators have access to manage order files, view draft history, and edit submitted designs—bypassing the need to broaden the customer service bandwidth and reducing the production error rate.

Use Case: Uniform Industry & Product Customization

Organizations in the uniform industry receive and manage numerous customized submissions—from jersey color to player number and name. By using a product customization platform with downloadable print-ready files, organizations can reduce production cost, manufacturing time, and use of customer service to verify orders. Administrators proactively ensure a set of customized jerseys are produced at a high quality by creating rules restricting the upload of low-quality logos and photos. Then once a custom order is placed, administrators export the production-ready output file in the defined file format and send manufacturers the files, eliminating the need to create tailored production specifications for individual orders.

Highlights of Production-Ready Output File Functionality
  • Export production-ready files in one of the following supported formats: PDF, PNG, EPS, BMP, SVG, and SVGz
  • Receive print-ready files detailing specific manufacturing requirements, product spec sheets, and an XML string of product data
  • Streamline the production process with on-demand access to production-ready files and automated file send to manufacturers or vendors
  • Access order files anytime to check product design details
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