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Easily Manage Product Customization Setup and Rules on Artifi

Take back ecommerce autonomy, speed up workflows, and receive a better admin experience with Artifi Labs.

One of the biggest challenges in managing product customization is having an administration experience that allows ecommerce managers and product managers to independently manage the features and functionality of their customization platform. Many product customization tools do not even offer a rich admin experience and force companies to rely on professional services and custom development, leading to unnecessary costs. 

To avoid the administration challenges plaguing other product customization platforms, Artifi Labs utilizes a powerful self-service admin. This tool seamlessly provides complete back-end access to the online store’s command center, putting control back in the hands of administrators, and giving them full control over their online store or multiple stores in one central location. This means administrators do not have to wait multiple weeks for a third-party provider to upload products and make changes to one of their stores. Instead, Administrators can jump into the admin and easily adjust products, attributes, rules, copy, and design any time they need.

Artifi Self-Service Admin

Through an intuitive dashboard and process to easily set-up new and existing products, the Artifi Admin allows for efficient product management with the ability to make global changes across catalogs and categories or individual changes to a product. It also allows for on-demand access to the Rules Engine, template creation, reports, and account settings.

Want to learn more about Artifi’s Self-Service Admin? Click here.

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