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Artifi Labs Innovates with Auto-Digitizing Embroidery

One of the most tedious parts of product customization, particularly in the uniform and promotional products industries, is digitizing images and logos. For most companies, this is an expensive, manual process that requires many hours of development to complete, and may still output errors.

To relieve that pain and automate this process, Artifi Labs is the only end-to-end product customization platform that offers embroidered designs created directly from an imported image, a process known widely as auto-digitizing embroidery. By automatically creating an embroidery effect when an image is uploaded, Artifi Labs saves administrators significant time as embroidered effects do not need to be created manually. Artifi also automatically creates embroidery output files with the digitized embroidery design, which can significantly decrease production costs as well.

Auto-digitized embroidery by Artifi Labs allows shoppers to create embroidered logos, text, monogram templates, and variable data templates from an uploaded image. When an image is uploaded to Artifi, the platform’s engine determines how the embroidery effect for that image will be visualized. This includes estimating the embroidery’s shape, stitch count, and colors. In addition to a full digitization of an embroidered design, Artifi also automatically creates production output files of the created embroidery in .DST and .EMB files.

Unlike other product customization solutions, Artifi’s auto-digitizing embroidery creates a full digitization of an image, showing shoppers exactly how the embroidery will look once stitched, and ensuring the customized product they receive will match the product they designed.

Interested in learning more about auto-digitized embroidery? Click here.

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