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Artifi Labs' Advanced Text Personalization Features

According to McKinsey & Company, customers are looking to connect to and be more in control of purchases—with personalization becoming a higher priority. This trend bodes well for companies already offering product customization. However, when text personalization comes into play, businesses need to up the game. Artifi Labs raises the stakes with on-screen text enhancements—giving customers complete control of product personalization.

Artifi Labs provides advanced text personalization design and preview capabilities through a platform-integrated set of features including: monogramming, embroidery, embossing, debossing, and laser engraving. Admin users enable text effect functionality by applying rules on a text-level or product-level basis. Love Your Melon's debossed co-branded partnership leather tag

For example, when an admin user applies an embroidery effect to a text box on a customizable hat, a customer has the option to change the personalized text from an imprint to embroidered font. The stitched text displays in real time on the customized hat and the production team receives production-ready output files outlining the embroidery specifications—guaranteeing customer satisfaction through end-to-end service. A similar process is involved when applying embossing, debossing, and monogramming rules.  Wristband Resources debossed customization

Highlights of advanced personalization and customization:

  • Easily manage text effects for individual text boxes or entire products using the rules engine
  • Allow customers to preview the final product and text changes in real time with responsive design functionality
  • Set character limits and enable automatic font sizing for each text box
  • Provide customers with the option to change color, stroke, and font for each text box
  • Receive production-ready output files detailing specific manufacturing requirements for embroidery, embossing, debossing, laser engraving, and monogramming

Use Case: Promotional Products

B2B organizations in the promotional industry often sell a range of products including apparel, traveler mugs, and bags. Once admin users enable advanced text personalization, customers can customize and preview embroidered text on apparel items, laser engraving on travel mugs, and monogramming on a bag. Instead of visualizing how the standard text imprint will look embroidered, customers know what they see—or in this case, design—is what they get.

From hats and promotional products to high fashion and uniforms, Artifi Labs makes it easy for companies to sell and produce highly-personalized and unique products.

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