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Color Rendering with Artifi Labs

Color rendering allows shoppers to change color options on a product as it’s being customized. Artifi uses advanced color rendering to let shoppers preview product designs in multiple colors before purchasing. Artifi also offers texture color rendering, which allows shoppers to preview specific colors on texture available for a product, such as mesh texture for a hat.

By enabling dynamic viewing of color changes to a product, shoppers can instantly see what their preferred design will look like, keeping them engaged in the product customization journey and increasing the likelihood they will purchase the visualized product.

Product configuration is complex, and colorization adds to the complexity. When a product is offered in multiple colors for customization, or has multiple areas with multiple colors, the variations of asset possibilities quickly becomes unmanageable. For example, a soft-good such as a baseball cap may have different color options for the bill, the crown and the mesh. These nearly unlimited options need unlimited assets unless colorization can be applied to one asset making the management of configuration much easier.

Artifi’s color rendering eliminates the need to create multiple assets in different colors for a single product, as they are instead rendered by Artifi on one asset. Enabling color rendering eliminates headaches and allows for more time in the sun.

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