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Headless Artifi Labs Implementation Delivers Improved Customer Experience

Product customization challenges arise regardless of the ecommerce platform

Ecommerce administrators are always looking for new ways to improve the customer's experience. Most often, that experience is about reducing friction and streamlining the purchasing process. Every once and a while, administrators are blessed with a way to expand the product offering and improve the customer experience. Obviously, product customization is that way.

Unfortunately, product customization capabilities are sometimes challenging to offer customers. An existing ecommerce platform may offer no product customization capabilities either through a plug-in marketplace or platform extensibility. In most cases, replatforming to a different ecommerce platform is not a viable solution.

“Required that the product customization solution would integrate into its ecommerce platform to streamline the purchasing experience.”
- Barco Products, Leading Commercial Site Furnishings Provider

Even if a product customization tool can be integrated, there are still often customer experience challenges. Buyers may have no visibility to customized products beyond the initial customization process. Additionally, product customization tools may not provide the required enterprise-level functionality. Even ecommerce platform administrators may not be able to view customized products when ordered to address customer issues.

Solve ecommerce platform related product customization issues with a headless integration to Artifi Labs.

Regardless if the ecommerce platform has a pre-built integration with Artifi Labs, a headless implementation will allow ecommerce platform APIs and Artifi Labs APIs to pass the necessary information to customize products and fulfil product customization orders. That information can facilitate product customization with corresponding variables as well as providing virtual proofs throughout the customization and checkout process for buyers. Administrators can also benefit from virtual proofs as they assist customers with order inquiries post submission.

Interested in learning more about Artifi’s capabilities? Download the feature list here and visit the knowledge base.

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