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Top 4 Reasons Why Promotional Products Companies Choose Artifi

Explore key reasons why Artifi is the best product customization platform for promotional products companies.

In the promotional products industry, product customization isn't just a feature; it's a mission critical to business. In this competitive landscape, merchants need a product customization platform that offers flexibility, scalability, and advanced B2B account features. Here’s how Artifi delivers.

1.  Flexibility

One size does not fit all when it comes to product customization. Unlike other platforms that display features regardless of relevance to the product type, Artifi streamlines the experience by only offering specific functionality based on the product and business use case in the user experience.

Brands like Givee Select use Artifi’s custom UI to enhance shopper engagement. Regardless of the complexity of the product being customized, the Artifi interface is invisible on each unique storefront. The customization experience is tailored to the product type and to best serve the shopper. 

Staples Promotional Products leverages Artifi’s headless, in-line UI option, allowing shoppers to execute all product customization within the product display page for a fast and intuitive experience. With Artifi, merchants can choose from flexible UI options to fit the trifecta of brand, product, and business demands.

2.  Scalability

Artifi offers more than just customization; it enables scalability. Merchants can easily scale functionality by sharing templates across multiple brands and company stores, eliminating the need for duplicate work. The flexible UI allows for quick customization between brands and stores, ensuring a consistent yet tailored experience for shoppers.

By offering headless rendering within the Product Display Page (PDP), Artifi optimizes the customization process, particularly for simple customizations like adding text or a logo. This reduces the time spent personalizing items but also enhances customer satisfaction.

3. Proactive Sales Enablement

Empowering sales teams is crucial for growth. By enabling sales reps to quickly create virtual proofs for prospects, Artifi streamlines the sales process, allowing teams to focus on proactive sales opportunities. Showcasing leading technology like Artifi can also be a powerful differentiator in winning enterprise RFPs.

4. B2B Account Features

Artifi goes beyond basic customization with its advanced B2B account features. The Design Library allows merchants to set up account- and user-based logo libraries, ensuring that users see only the corporate-approved logos and options specific to their contract rules. Additionally, features like Design ID enable a seamless experience, allowing B2B buyers to save designs for future editing. Artifi also allows users to email themselves or managers virtual proofs and product specs for reference and approval.

The Shop by Logo feature further enhances the B2B experience by seamlessly showing the shopper’s uploaded logo across multiple products. Shoppers logged into an account can access a library of pre-approved logos, making it easy to find the right logo available on the specified product assortment. This is particularly useful in B2B applications to ensure brand standards are being met.

Leverage a comprehensive product customization platform

Artifi’s unmatched flexibility, scalability, proactive sales enablement, and advanced B2B account features make it the ideal partner for promotional products companies.

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