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Artifi Labs Powers Enterprise B2B Scale with Custom Attributes

Attributes are components of a product that can change or be added during the product customization process. For example, the attribute of a customizable hat may include brim styles, crown shapes and colors specific to component of the hat or personalization elements such as a logo. Companies that specialize in customization often have the need to create product attributes as they launch new product lines and add new families of products that have unique customization requirements that are different from current product lines.  

Artifi Labs was designed for enterprise B2B product customization across multiple product families. The Artifi administration console allows administrators to create  attributes that can be added as new products are made available for customization. Administrators can easily assign different attributes for different product categories from a single platform, without the need for developers to create additional custom fields in the core database. This flexibility enables scale and business growth, and is especially beneficial for enterprise companies that offer mass customization for multiple product categories and product types.

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