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Why Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors Choose Artifi

Winning new uniform programs is a challenge in today’s competitive business environment. More brands see the uniform category as an emerging growth channel, while uniform program buyers and procurement teams expect an easy purchasing experience for employees. Artifi provides leading uniform personalization technology to support and drive sales growth while adding operational efficiency when executing uniform programs.

Sales Tools, Great Customer Experience, and Operational Efficiency

Artifi has a rich set of features developed to enable sales teams and support growth from prospecting to signing large uniform program contracts. The following features are differentiators during the selling process as they provide great customer experience for the employees who shop for uniforms. Once a program is won, the same features add efficiency and scale to program execution. 

Real-Time Rendering and Faster Sales Cycle

Buyers of uniform programs expect a great shopping experience for their employees. Artifi allows employees to choose from a pre-approved logo library, upload a logo (if specified in the program), and add their name to a uniform with real-time embroidery applied to the product. 

This feature can be demonstrated during the prospecting and pitch process as a differentiator to win the program business. Additionally, real-time rendering, including embroidery rendering, reduces sales cycles by alleviating the need for design teams to create proofs. Customer service reps no longer spend days emailing proofs back and forth, and the sales cycle moves from days to minutes. Automation allows design teams to work on other priorities.

Shop by Logo for Prospecting and Margin Capture

Shop by Logo allows shoppers to view a specified assortment of products with the specific logo automatically rendered in the ecommerce shopping experience. Shoppers can upload a logo and apply the logo to a specified assortment. Shop by Logo also enables sales teams to upload logos and create catalogs and proofs when prospecting new accounts without involving design teams. Likewise, design teams are not needed to create proofs once a program is launched. Sales and scale.

In addition to uploading logos, Shop by Logo is also powered by Artifi’s Logo Library, which offers account-based libraries of logos specific to uniform programs. The Logo Library allows for easy administration of uniform compliance once a program is created.

Mission Critical Scale

Many uniform manufacturers and distributors sell through customer-specific or program-specific stores. Artifi offers reusable templates for managing product customization of multiple uniform programs across multiple stores. Templates for products and product types can be created once and re-used across multiple stores and channels, providing mission-critical efficiency. 

As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, Artifi provides a world-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Uptime, feature releases, and product updates are managed by the Artifi team, allowing uniform manufacturers and distributors to focus on program growth.

Technology as a Competitive Advantage

Uniform manufacturers and distributors need to differentiate from competitors to win large programs. Artifi creates a competitive advantage by enabling sales teams to showcase leading-edge technology and customization capabilities to prospective enterprise customers. The investment in Artifi not only enables sales and operational efficiency it also demonstrates leadership to enterprise buying teams.

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